Very true Alena Seredovas new happiness We will marry Alessandro

Very true, Alena Seredova’s new happiness: “We will marry Alessandro in 2023”. Then the excavation at Gi

A woman who was given a second chance in life. This is the story of Alena Seredova, who for 2 years and 4 months again became a mother to little Vivienne Charlotte, daughter of Alessandro Nasi, her future husband.

“In recent years I have had new surprises again and again. It all started two years ago with the arrival of little Vivy, then the marriage proposal that I didn’t really expect». Alena no longer believed in this and did not attach importance to this marriage, she, who was already married to Gigi Buffon. Today it is told verissimo.


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Very true, the interview of Alena Seredova

“We’re trying to figure out how to organize the wedding, we just want to have fun. I have to find something that doesn’t make me look ridiculous. It won’t be in Prague but probably in southern Italy I would like a weekend away with friends and family. It will be in the summer of 2023». A new happiness that of Alena who, after the separation from her ex-husband, has gone through very difficult moments that she was able to find thanks to Alessandro. «We have found the right balance between my children Ale and Vivi. And just being alive brought serenity. Now I’m proud of this family, which you call extended, but which is just family to me. My kids are always smiling. I’m glad”. Those who are separated find it difficult to find peace for their parents, but also and above all for their children. “The trick is to give the children the right amount of time.” The relationship with Gigi Buffon is cordial. ” I’ve always been polite, to me a broken glass is broken, so that doesn’t mean I can’t have a civil relationship with him even if it’s broken, but you’ll certainly never see a photo of them all together under the tree.”

Very true, Alena Seredova is touched live: «Here is my little Vivienne. The wedding? it can wait”

the marriage proposal

Silvia Toffanin goes back to the marriage proposal and asks how it was. “We were at a friends vows wedding and I couldn’t find the phone so I started looking for it when I ran out of the bathroom Ale was on his knees and I said to him, ‘What are you doing? ground that you rub it. He with the box in his hand, although I told him to hurry up because otherwise we would be late, he told me to look at the table and then I understood ». Alessandro is very patient as Alena tells it. A man who loved her and then her children.

Alena Seredova’s mother for the third time the revelation about Gigi Buffon: “He called me”

full-time mother life

A full-time mom is the new Alena, but not by choice. “At first I wanted to be for the boys so I moved away from work for a bit, when I was able to get back to my job it wasn’t like everyone was waiting for me and then I got pregnant again. And now I am the driver … of my children ». She is happy, radiant and has an unmissable diamond on her left ring finger. The videos that Verissimo shows her of her mother, her partner, make her excited, but she doesn’t give in to tears. “In the end, mom’s job isn’t that bad.” And the final message for Ale is, “When he’s asleep, I look at him and I’m like, ‘Who sent you?’