Very sensitive After Larissa Manoelas Mom Unfollows Her Daughter She

“Very sensitive”; After Larissa Manoela’s Mom Unfollows Her Daughter, She Breaks The Silence And Reveals The Truth


On the Na TelinhaUOL website, businesswoman Silvana Santos opened the game and gave her opinion

Photos: Instagram/Larissa ManoelaPhotos: Instagram/Larissa Manoela

Netizens and fans have noticed this in the last few days Silvana Santosmother of Larissa ManolaShe continued to unfollow her daughter Instagram. The “Bafafá” spread and resonated throughout the internet, giving rise to several theories. To make matters worse, she also stopped following Andre Luis, your soninlaw. The website Na TelinhaUOLwith exclusivity, the businesswoman searched and got answers.

SilvanaAs if that wasn’t enough, she left a “suspicious” comment on a photo of the model Leo townexboyfriend of Larissa: “To sum up what I wished you on WhatsApp: Happy New Year to you all. Greetings, kiss”. After receiving criticism, she decided to delete the message: “All this discontent that is generated has nothing to do with ’empty nest syndrome,'” he explained.

“Neither on our trips to Orlando. I’ve always had personal moments with Larissa, because she started her artistic career very young, only four years old. I believe this experience is still necessary because apart from being a mother, this role regardless of age, I am a business woman and a partner in it,” she added.

Last, Silvana He finished: “I’ve always been very sensitive or prone to certain cues, which made me realize something was wrong, so I never let my guard down and remain vigilant, especially when other people are trying to silence them.” or to contradict her. Feeling like a sentinel to correlate emotional information with rational.”

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