Version 53 of Clara Chia is released quotI have billsquot

Version 53 of Clara Chía is released: "I have bills" TV Notes

  • Shakira collaborated with Bizarrap in Sessions 53.
  • This melody contained data on the betrayal of the father of his children by Clara Chía.
  • The song was a resounding success, this melody was the second that the singer dedicated to Gerard.

After the upcoming success of the collaboration between Shakira and Bizarrap, many other versions of this tiradera have emerged in honor of Gerard Piqué who was his lover when he was with the singer, we are talking about the famous Clara Chía with whom he is currently dating decided to formalize their relationship.

Of course, not only did the influencers bother to publish a version in defense of one of those involved, but also the media, such as the Spanish program “Fiesta”, belonging to the Telecinco network, who decided to give a voice to Clara this Burial.

And it is that despite the fact that they declared themselves Team Shakira, they decided to write and produce their own song to support Chía, it was María Verdoy who was in charge, Piqué’s girlfriend in the clip to play, the texts have quickly gone viral, since ingeniously reacts to every statement made by the Colombian.

They begin by stating that they don’t want a song anymore: “Sorry, I’ve already taken a different mood. I can’t do that, I don’t want another song…sorry Shaki, watch out. It’s been a while since I bought the Casio. If a wolf like you isn’t for beginners, a kid like me can’t take it anymore with your attitude.”

They even mentioned the love they both have for jam: “We both love jam, but it’s expired days ago. I never mess with you Even if you sing for me or dedicate it to me, I didn’t know it was so inspiring for you.”

Of course, they threw on her most famous motto that women don’t cry anymore, women’s bill, adding that thanks to Chía, she would bill: “The deal you made with all this rupture, your ‘waka-waka’ is of no use to you and you settle accounts with me.”

On the other hand, they reminded him that the letter will be his sentence: “You have a reputation as a good singer and this letter will be your condemnation, don’t call me like that you don’t paint, I’m tired and I can’t take your attitude anymore.”

The program not only presented the tune in its show of the day, but also sent a reporter to the celebrity’s house, accompanied by a horn and a handful of people who sang the first fragments, waiting for the Colombian to perform.

They also asked the young man to come a little closer to the house of the ex-in-laws, who they assured would be happy to listen: “Can’t you go closer to Shakira’s in-laws?