1695791187 Veronica Satti about Nikita Pelizons courses I was deprived of

Veronica Satti about Nikita Pelizon’s courses: I was deprived of a psychologist, I will check you

Former Big Brother contestant Veronica Satti is taking action against Nikita Pelizon after the influencer announced she would sponsor paid courses in which she talks about depression and anxiety.

Veronica Satti about Nikita Pelizons courses I was deprived of

Veronica Sattiformer competitor of Big Brother and daughter of Bobby Solo, strikes Nikita Pelizon, winner of the last edition of the reality show, who, although she is not a psychologist, announced that she had created as a sponsor a video course related to the fight against depression and anxiety. Real pathologies that affect the field of mental health, a subject that should be treated exclusively by qualified professionals.

Veronica Satti vs. Niklita Pelizon: “I will pay attention to what you do”

“I study psychology and have been studying mental health ‘disclosure’ for five years. I wrote a book about it (in which I really wanted a clinical afterword from two doctors, a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist), but I would never dream of taking it.” “Courses on depression,” Veronica wrote in an Instagram story, “I limit myself to an emotional approach and consult my psychiatrist first so as not to create triggers in my content.” I bring with me the skills I learned in 4 years of DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), the strategies for dealing with the great pain of emotional dysregulation. I’m borderline trying humbly and tiptoeing to bring something that can break down the stigma that permeates mental health, but profiting from it borders on illegal.

The former Big Brother candidate: “All of this disgusts me”

Veronica is not convinced by the video teaching service created by Gieffina Nikita and continues: “All this disgusts me and outrages me.” Is it true that a doctor cannot necessarily provide help, but can also sell courses? I think we really move forward without thinking about the damage this nefarious money-driven decision can cause. I’m angry.” So she turned directly to Pelizon:

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As a person who has been trying for years with tenderness and assertive communication to make people with psychopathologies feel less alone and less wrong, and as a person who suffered from borderline personality disorder, depression and self-harm as a girl. Dear Nikita, what the hell are you doing? I will pay attention to your work, I have already banned a psychologist from admission, all to protect those who are experiencing painful and fragile moments.