Verdades Secretas 2: Sex scenes leads to fights behind the scenes at

Verdades Secretas 2: Sex scenes leads to fights behind the scenes at

The hot weather of the series “Verdades Secretas 2” causes a lot of discord behind the scenes of Globo. In order for the show’s second season to be shown on open television, the technical team had to trim most of the more sensual shots and focus only on the characters’ lives. The series will begin airing on the 30th of this month.

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The biggest problem with all of this is that with the editing of the most explicit scenes, little story is left and lots of naked and seminude characters. According to the Notícias da TV website, the channel held some meetings to set the editorial line for the material to be broadcast.

According to the script, there were a total of 7 sex or nude scenes during production, and since the series originally has 50 episodes, it can be concluded that there are almost one and a half scenes of 18+ content for each chapter.

Verdades Secretas 2: Sex scenes cause arguments behind the scenes at Globo

Verdades Secretas 2: Sex scenes spark behindthescenes brawls at Globo (Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo)

After the cuts are made, Secret Truths 2 will have 46 episodes, which is the goal of the company’s engineering and production teams. That way, the show would end before the World Cup, which takes place in November this year.

What is the disagreement among Globo staff on this matter?

However, there is a part of the professionals of the “plimplim” channel who think that the audience is more interested in the explicit scenes than in the plot itself.

It’s worth remembering that between Chapters 20 and 30 of the series, the story essentially revolves around the hottest and spiciest scenes, leaving the story with less plot and development at this point in the season.

Another argument published by Notícias da Tv is that the public has accepted the nude scenes present in the first season of “Secret Truths” and those who are in the habit of watching the production already know what the expected one content is. According to these professionals, removing this character from the soap opera would underestimate fans of Angel lived by Camila Queiroz.

Production manager Amora Mautner previously explained that she needed to shoot two variants of the hottest scenes so the editors would have more options at the time of editing. At the time, this detail irritated the cast.


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