Venice 80 Pierfrancesco Favino It is absurd to accept that

Venice 80, Pierfrancesco Favino: “It is absurd to accept that foreign actors play Ferrari”

Pierfrancesco Favino He doesn’t agree and blurts out a call for everyone to do their part, to “create a system.” His struggle concerns the way in which foreign cinema views Italy through stereotypes, a very old story of pizza and mandolin but also of interpretations. “Gucci had a New Jersey accent, didn’t you know that?” he says wryly, citing the production of Ridley Scott House of Gucci on the sidelines of the meeting for Adagio by Stefano Sollima.

“Ferrari”, the melodrama of an ambitious and victorious man

by Alberto Crespi September 1, 2023

Now we get Ferraris Michael man with Adam Driver as the Drake. “There is a theme of cultural appropriation, it is not clear why it is not me, but actors of this level,” he says to his film colleagues Toni Servillo, Adriano Giannini and Valerio Mastandrea, “that are involved in this type of film, but them .” Entrust the actors with foreigners who are far removed from the real protagonists of the stories, starting with the exotic accent. If a Cuban cannot be Mexican, why can an American be Italian? Only here. Ferrari would have been made by Gassman in other eras, today driver instead and no one says anything. It seems to me an attitude of contempt for the Italian system, if these are the general laws then we will also participate.”