Venezuelan State Airlines Launches EFE Direct Flights to Iran

Venezuelan State Airlines Launches EFE Direct Flights to Iran

©Reuters. The Venezuelan state airline will launch direct flights to Iran

Caracas, May 22 (.).- Venezuelan state airline Conviasa (Venezuelan Consortium of Aeronautical Industries and Air Services) will launch direct flights to Tehran, capital of Iran, on June 18, the airline reported this Sunday.

“This route operates every 15 days and is now available for purchase on our website,” Conviasa said in a message published on Twitter (NYSE:).

Iran is one of Nicolás Maduro’s government’s key allies, and their ties grew even closer throughout 2020, as Venezuela faced severe gas shortages and the Caribbean country’s executive branch went to the Persian nation to buy fuel.

Along with Turkey and Russia, Iran is among the nations that have offered the most diplomatic support to President Maduro.

Last December, former Venezuelan Foreign Minister Félix Plasencia assured Venezuela that strengthening the “strategic alliance” of cooperation it has with Iran on air links, trade, food and technology is important.

Venezuela signed an agreement with Iran on Feb. 22 to expand bilateral cooperation and hydrocarbon exchanges, Plasencia reported at the time.

“We signed an important memorandum of understanding together with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Owji aimed at expanding bilateral cooperation and exchanges, especially in the field of hydrocarbons,” the former foreign minister wrote on his Twitter account.