Venezuela: start of military games with pro  Russian countries

Venezuela: start of military games with pro Russian countries

Since Monday, August 15, Venezuela has hosted the “Sniper Frontier” events of the 2022 International Military Games, a competition organized by Russia since 2015 and in which countries such as China, Iran, India, Cuba and Burma participate.

The opening ceremony, part of which was broadcast live on Venezuelan public television, took place at Fort Terepaima de Barquisimeto (Northwest) with great fanfare, parades, songs and speeches.

This is the first time Venezuela, which has close ties with Russia, has hosted competitions for these annual games, which bring together some thirty countries, including Abkhazia, which is recognized by a handful of countries close to Moscow.

“Uniting cultures and peoples”

Venezuela, the subject of economic sanctions, particularly from Washington, which does not recognize President Nicolas Maduro’s re-election, has also moved closer to Iran and China in recent years.

“The aim, the spirit of these games is to unite cultures and peoples more” than demonstrate military prowess, said Venezuelan Defense Minister General Vladimir Padrino Lopez.

According to his ministry, a delegation of 200 Venezuelan soldiers was also sent to Russia to take part in other events of these games.

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