Vatican the Secretariat of State is demanding damages from Becciu

Vatican, the Secretariat of State is demanding damages from Becciu and the other defendants: 177 million

Vatican the Secretariat of State is demanding damages from Becciu

The process of managing Medium from that State Secretariat enters the final phase. After the violent demands for condemnation from the justice advocate Alessandro DiddiIt was time before the summer break civil parties intervene in the first hearings after the suspension for the holiday in the courtroom. Hearings that will most likely result in the verdict being announced before Christmas Vatican Tribunal chaired by Joseph Pignatone. The civil party attorney for the Institute for Works of Religion, Roberto Liparisubmitted the decision on his application Compensation of the funds that would have been stolen ten defendants and that they influenced that 700 million euros awarded in sixteen years by Ior to the needs of Holy See and repealed by the State Secretariat. The return request was submitted in 206 million 493 thousand 665 euros which is in addition to the moral damage for which Lipari asked the court for a “fair settlement” and the reputational damage identified by an expert report 987 thousand 494 euros.

The civil party lawyer of the State Secretariat, Paola Severinorequested that the defendant be sentenced to compensation for “very serious damageMoral And Call in which he established himself 177 million and 818 thousand euros, necessary, according to a technical consulting firm, for “a campaign to restore the damaged image” on a global scale. He also requested an interim sentence to be paid immediately upon first-degree conviction 98 million 473 thousand euros, and also that the conditional suspension of the sentence is made dependent on the payment of compensation. In the proceedings, the Administration of the Heritage of the Apostolic See, which has also formed a civil party, will request pecuniary damages, represented by the former President of the Constitutional Court, Giovanni Maria Flick.

The reaction of the lawyers of the main defendant, the cardinal, was immediate Angel Becciuwhich the prosecutor asked for seven years and three months in prisonPermanent professional ban, 10,329 euros fine and 14 million euros confiscated. The Cardinal’s Lawyers, Maria Concetta March And Fabio Viglionethat “the claims for damages from the civil parties, and among them the Secretariat of State, correspond to the role they normally play in legal proceedings.” But Cardinal Becciu did not commit himself no crime and consequently it did not cause no damage. His actions were always inspired by the protection of the Holy See. The trial has clearly shown this and we therefore rely on the court’s independent and impartial judgment.”

For his part, the IOR lawyer demanded “the conviction of the defendants and the review of their convictions.” Responsibility Punish” and their “sentence to restitution of what was unlawfully stolen.” “Amounts intended for the Holy Father to use them in it Investments speculative – Lipari denounced – therefore it is necessary to return the funds on the bond that they had and put them back into the plant full availability of Pope for the needs of the church.” “These funds will be deposited with the IOR,” the lawyer also demanded. “In this process – Lipari continued – we have seen attempts to do this enrichment personalProjects from Oil extraction In AngolaWe have seen the use of financial instruments where the manager of church assets has lost all control, and the use of church funds without any control and accuracy, all managed in a self-referential by a Monsignor expert in canon law and an accountant with no experience in financial investments. We have seen the use of funds without care, we have seen extortionist extortions, we have seen how insiders sympathized with the extortionists, we have seen how vast economic resources were managed without taking into account the constraints imposed by donors.” In conclusion Lipari recalled that the IOR had initiated its complaint to the Justice Advocate along with that of the Auditor General the investigation when buying and selling Palace in London According to the State Secretariat, he was a civil party to all charges and to all defendants, emphasizing that the embezzlement “He insulted them sacrifice from whoever provided it Offerings to the church“.

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