VAT Roxane Bruneau is the coach of The Second Voice

VAT: Roxane Bruneau is the coach of “The Second Voice”

Roxane Bruneau is the fifth coach of “La Voix”. She will recruit six contestants, selected from those who didn’t turn a chair in the blind auditions, who will then compete on “The Second Voice,” which will air exclusively on TVA+.

The singer said she was surprised and above all very happy about this proposal. “When I was told that there was a parallel competition on the Internet, that’s how I remembered it,” she said in an interview. Since I started, it’s like a comeback of things. I also give young people who have failed blind auditions a second chance.

She also wanted to do the same exercise as the coaches, which is that she turns her back on the stage behind the scenes and blindly selects her contestants. “I often didn’t want a coach to turn around because there were votes I was hoping to get back.”

Atypical voices appeal to him particularly. “I went in search of extraordinary voices. My first filly, Ryan Guay, touched me because he almost talked about the music early in his audition. It was like a slam. There aren’t many who try this and I liked it.

A friendly companion

After only six years in music, she admits she doesn’t have much experience, although she has enough advice for young people who want to get started. “I told them from the start that they won’t have a coach like Lara Fabian who can tell them they haven’t reached B,” she joked. I will allow them to discover their stage character, their artistic identity, to inhabit their bodies…»

Vocally, she wants to get you out of your comfort zone. “Those who sang in English, I will make them sing in French. What is important to me is the interpretation. I want them to understand what they’re singing because if they don’t understand the lyrics, the people listening to them won’t understand either.”

Roxane would also like to make them understand in a benevolent and friendly manner that the pleasure of this exercise must be lasting. “When I first started, France Castel helped me behind the scenes at a festival to relieve my stress. She took me by the shoulders and said to me: “No matter what you do on stage, nobody will die. We are not surgeons, enjoy!” I would like to take this pressure off my candidates so that they have a shell against criticism. I want them to be comfortable no matter what context they are in.

Roxane Bruneau sees “The Second Voice” as a great experience. “It will allow me to meet people and share advice that I received and still use in my daily life.”

The Second Voice episodes will be available on February 12th, February 26th and March 12th only on TVA+.