1653152335 Vasco concert parking lots with narrow entrances and few stands

Vasco concert, parking lots with narrow entrances and few stands. On the road system, Vescovi: “The first bus at 2 p.m., unexpected arrival so massive in the afternoon” il Dolomiti il Dolomiti

TRENTO. That Vasco concert saw how many people came to Trento from all over Italy and beyond. Has been a success in terms of participation as always against when it comes to appointments of the rocker from Zocca. In addition to the enthusiasm of the fans However, there was no lack of complaints what concerned i parking spaces and road conditions under pressure.

A situation that led to this Closure of motorway tollboothspolice intervention when cars are blocked, the endless wait to get out of a parking lota real Funnel with a crowd stuck at the exit of the music arena and much more.

The Province of Trento, demonstrating a suffering situation yesterday at 8 p.m., just before the start of the concert, was forced to prepare additional parking spaces for about 2,000 spaces for fans going to the Vasco Rossi concert and who had not reserved a parking space in the Trento-Malè station area in Lavis-Zambana. A decision to ease the flow and reduce the pressure on the road network, which was especially registered at the Ravina roundabout.

Problems were also included in two parking garages (P9 – P10). an ingress and egress too small to support the flow of traffic. “The organizers of this concert should be ashamed – explained one fan – a mega eventor with 120,000 people in a hole and after 3 hours there are still people in the parking lot“.

Vasco concert parking lots with narrow entrances and few stands


“Colleagues from the local police They gave everything they could, they worked non-stop“. Pierangelo Vescovi, Chief Commissioner of the local police, takes stock of the traffic situation after a night shift. “At five o’clock this morning we fired the agents‘ he explains on the phone.

Yesterday was not an easy day for city traffic. The local agents’ job was to do this, along with the other police forces Management of the arrival and departure of fans from the city of Trento.

“We recorded – explains Vescovi – qSome criticisms in the introductory phase, as the parking spaces, which are not under our management, do not support the entry of vehicles. Queues were created to manage them and we intervened immediately.

The outflow of fans within about 3 hours of the end of the event made it possible to restore most of the city traffic outside the ring road, which required the restoration of the protective walls. “At 3 p.m. we had already started to reopen the Trento Sud tollbooth with a controlled vehicle passage system and at 4 p.m. also the sailor roundabout,” explains the chief inspector of the local police always.

On the other hand, the timing of the fans’ arrival is unexpected. He expected a massive arrival from the early hours of the morning and instead it was not.

“The organizers – explains Vescovi – expected about forty people in the arena in the morning. But we have instead experienced a delay in timetables. We had already equipped the bus receiver at 9am, but the first one arrived around 2pm and so all the power was concentrated in a few hours“.