Vai na Fe In revenge Jenifer sacrifices herself and digs

“Vai na Fé”: In revenge, Jenifer sacrifices herself and digs up Theo’s rotten parts Splash

Jenifer (Bella Campos) will put her heart and soul into her revenge plan against Theo (Emilio Dantas) in Vai na Fé, Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera. The young woman will sacrifice herself and agree to live in the same apartment as her father in order to find rotten information that could incriminate him and put the villain in prison once and for all.

To the amazement of Sol (Sheron Menezzes) and Ben (Samuel de Assis), Jenifer will move in with her father.. Theo will think it will be a win against the duo, but everything will be a plan by the girl and Rafa (Caio Manhente) to topple him.

Jenifer lives under the same roof as her biological father and would do anything to deceive him.. She will pretend to have a connection to Theo, but will use this tactic to find something to help her get him in jail. Without suspecting anything, the villain falls into several traps staged by his daughter.

In the first, Jenifer, with Rafa’s help, manages to steal her father’s cellphone. While Theo goes in search of the device, Sol’s daughter manages to unlock it to find clues incriminating the villain.

The second will be even more risky. The girl will ask to work with Theo, who accepts, thinking his daughter is starting to take an interest in his business. However, Jenifer is just waiting for the right moment to enter her father’s office and hack into the computer to find evidence against him.

Jenifer’s plans will trigger Theo’s downfall in the final part of Vai na Fé. Unknowingly, the villain is about to house a rival in his own home.

Written by Rosane Svartman, Vai na Fé will be screened Monday through Saturday at 7:40 p.m. Watch the full recap of the 7pm telenovela here.