‘Vai na Fé’: Carlão Dies and Kapitel Causes Excitement with Bombastic Reveal f5.folha.uol.com.br

Sao Paulo

The death of Carlão (Che Moais) in “Vai Na Fé”, a soap opera at 7 p.m. on Globo, caused a stir on social networks on Tuesday evening (14). After a serious accident, Sol’s husband (Sheron Menezzes) was taken to the hospital but suffered cardiac arrest. The scene in which he leaves for the other plane with the right to speak to his wife caused emotions on the net.

In an interview with F5, Che Moais said the scene would be intense. “The Moment of Death is a beautiful passage with lots of poetry. He has the pain of a story ending, just like life,” he said. The Telenovela and Carlão occupied two of the ten positions of Twitter’s Trending Topics during the Telenovela.

“There in the hospital after that there is this attempt to revive him that reminded me of that earlier moment in my life. The memory of my brother came mixed with Carlão’s pain, Sol’s empathy,” completes the 44yearold actor.

Also, this Tuesday’s chapter left the audience with a bombastic revelation: Jenifer (Bella Campos), Carlão’s daughter, finds out that he is not her biological father after seeing a blood test.

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