Vacationers on fire in Zrce: The party continued the next day

Vacationers on fire in Zrce: The party continued the next day

A large forest fire close to a party mile. Tourists in Zrce, Croatia experienced this overnight from Monday to Tuesday. PULS 24 spoke to two of them.

Mauricio Draxler and Johannes Eckart are currently on the Croatian island of Pag. There is also the famous Zrce party beach. She and her group of friends witnessed firsthand how a forest fire broke out near the party on Tuesday night.

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In an interview with PULS 24, Draxler explains that he and his friends were at one of the biggest clubs in the area around “three or three-thirty in the morning”. During star DJ Steve Aoki’s performance, the group broke up and Draxler hung out with a friend.

There they both learned that the barriers had been created. At first, the two thought they were built to distract the crowd a bit. A little later, however, he looked up the hill. “It became light on the horizon and it wasn’t the sun,” says Draxler, describing the great fire he saw.

The evacuation went well

Eckart also noticed at the same time at the club that “something was wrong”. DJ Steve Aoki left the stage “very quickly”. After that it was “beat to punch”. The next artist has announced that you should leave the club quietly and quickly, says Eckart. This was surprising – normally the club didn’t close until around six in the morning.

Draxler explains that everyone outside “quickly realized” that it was going to be a massive wildfire. However, all remained “quite relaxed”. However, there was “chaos” with parked cars – these partially blocked access to emergency services. Local police also received praise from Draxler: “They did a good job.”

The party goes on

Nothing happened to Draxler, Eckhart or their friends, they all “got out safely”. While it was “a little shocking”, the main thing is that “everything is fine” now.

In fact, the two young men go straight back to the clubs in the area at night. It was announced on social media that the party was about to resume. The fire has already been extinguished.