Using the air conditioning recirculation button can be hazardous to

Using the air conditioning recirculation button can be hazardous to your health Siempre Auto

Whether you’ve owned your car for a day or a decade, you’ve probably seen it by now recirculation button on the black board. If you are not sure what it is, It’s the button with a diagram of a car and an arrow bent into a “U” shape.. this icon means that the air injected into the car is recirculated through the interior instead of coming from outside the car.

It works well when you need cool air to circulate around the cabin on a hot day or warm air on a cold day. However, many motorists are not aware This small button can be hazardous to your health when used incorrectly.

The air recirculation button is located on your car’s air conditioner. Photo credit: Shutterstock

When not to use your car’s air recirculation button

It’s normal to get in the car on a hot day and turn on the air conditioning to cool the interior. One thing to note is that the car will automatically turn on the recirculation button to circulate cold air. However, it is better to turn off the recirculation function for about 10 minutes and let the air circulate and let the cabin cool down before turning it on again.

Because? Because Air conditioners emit formaldehyde, which is dangerous to breathe. Formaldehyde and other potential contaminants can be removed by first ventilating the vehicle and not recirculating the air. Later you can activate the recirculation function.

Another time to turn this around air conditioner It can be dangerous in the car in winter. When it’s cold outside and warm air is recirculated inside the car, it can lead to dampness and fogging of the windows. As you can imagine, having fogged windows while driving can be dangerous.

When is the best time to circulate the air in your car?

While it is sometimes dangerous to recirculate the air in your car, there are also many other situations where the feature can come in handy, for example:

– When the air conditioning is on: As long as you’ve ventilated the car properly for 10 minutes, you should press the recirculation button to circulate the air and keep the cabin cool.

– In heavy traffic: While you are stuck in traffic, your car is surrounded by many other exhaust fumes harmful gases. Pressing the recirculation button will keep the fumes out of the car.

– During allergy season: Hate sneezing in the car? In this case, be sure to hold down the air recirculation button during allergy season to prevent pollen from entering.

– A dirt road: When you’re driving on a dirt road and you don’t want all the dust to collect in your car, push the button.

– Driving on a smelly road: Are you driving on a road that leads through cow pastures? If so, you don’t want outside air getting in, so hit the recirculation button.

Recirculation icon. Photo credit: Shutterstock

How does the air recirculation button work?

When you press the air recirculation button on the dashboard, When the function is activated, a small flap moves to cut off the supply of outside air. When you turn off the button, the damper opens to let in outside air. It is important to use this button wisely to ensure your health or your car is not endangered.

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