Users can now enjoy a seamless browsing experience between Galaxy smartphones and the Galaxy Book series – Samsung

Users can now enjoy a seamless browsing experience between Galaxy smartphones and the Galaxy Book series – Samsung

As part of Samsung’s ongoing efforts to improve connectivity between computers and mobile devices, Microsoft Phone Link’s new Recent Websites feature is now available on Galaxy smartphones and the Galaxy Book series.

Connected devices increase productivity and convenience, but the boundaries of connectivity can always be pushed further. According to a recent survey by Samsung[1], 77% of people use multiple apps and devices for the same task, but also find it tedious. With this in mind, Samsung Electronics is always looking for new ways to deliver a connected experience that harmonizes the strengths and capabilities of its smartphones, computers, tablets, watches and more to create a truly seamless multi-device ecosystem.

One of these new connectivity features is Recent Websites[2] (an update of the Microsoft Phone Link app[3] now available across the Galaxy Book range) that allows users to continue their browsing sessions on their computer. This feature, which enables the switch from a phone to a Galaxy Book, makes browsing smoother and more mobile, guaranteeing users optimal productivity.

Users can now enjoy a seamless browsing experience between

Galaxy Book users can now find recent sessions on their smartphone with just one click, saving them the hassle of browsing across multiple devices for convenient and responsive browsing. Suppose a user opens multiple tabs to search on their phone. At some point it may be more efficient to open the same tabs on a larger screen to work with PC apps. Thanks to the Recent Websites feature, this task is now possible and allows users to open new tabs without having to go back to check search terms or browsing history.

To use Recent Websites, simply link your Galaxy smartphone to the Galaxy Book using the Windows Link app on your phone and the Microsoft Phone Link app on your computer. Then open the Microsoft Phone Link application or the context menu on your computer, which will show a list of the websites you have recently opened on your smartphone. When you click on one of these websites, it will launch directly on your Galaxy Book.

Recent Websites is one of many new connectivity features that make the connected experience between Galaxy smartphones and the Galaxy Book series richer and more flexible. By opening up incredible possibilities for devices, Samsung enables its customers to use and mix and match their devices in more innovative and accessible ways. Stay tuned for the next Galaxy reveal to learn more about Samsung’s efforts to boost multi-device connectivity across the Galaxy Book lineup and beyond.

[1] Samsung Design Innovation Center, Communication Behavior Research, 2021 (n=100) North America
[2] Recent sites feature is only available via the Samsung Internet app from a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with One UI 3.1.1 or later (Samsung Galaxy S, Note, Z Fold, Z Flip) and a computer with Windows 10 20H1 or later available. Requires the latest application updates to connect to the Link to Windows service (2.3 or later). Feature availability may vary by app
[3] Users need to link their Samsung Galaxy device to their Windows computer using the Link to Windows feature on the phone and the Link to Phone application on the Microsoft computer, and then follow the setup instructions, including logging into the same Microsoft account. Link to Windows is preinstalled on some Samsung Galaxy devices. Windows 10 or higher must be installed on the computer (Phone Link app). The Microsoft Phone Link app requires the Samsung Galaxy device to be on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the PC. Some mobile apps can restrict content to be shared on other screens. Some related features may vary by device.