Users attack Pati Chapoy after her apology message to Yuridia

Users attack Pati Chapoy after her apology message to Yuridia: "it looked very fake" The universal

In recent days “Ventaneando” and in particular its owner Pati Chapoy have become a trend on social networks after the same moderator revived the comments she had made to Yuridia about her physical appearance and for who, as he assured, the Singer had vetoed the program.

The matter got a lot more serious than everyone thought, and that is the former academic confessed that the constant attacks and harassment she experienced from the production of TV Azteca made her reconsider the idea that it was for the best , to disappear forever; even the CONAVIM (National Commission for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) on the matter and condemned the actions of the entertainment program.

Given this situation and during this afternoon’s broadcast, Chapoy broke the silence and offered a forgiveness public to the singer: “I never did it with the intention of offending her, not only (I apologize) for that comment from 20 years ago, but for all the comments we made through ‘Ventaneando’,” said he.

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Although the presenter assured that her words were absolutely sincere, the users of the digital platforms did not believe a single word of her speech, especially since immediately after her apology she assured that she would continue her criticism during the broadcast.

Via Twitter, the public assured that both Chapoy and his staff were seen forced and described his attitude as INCORRECT: “It’s the wrongest apology I’ve seen in my life”, “Criticism of the show, not the person”, “It shows that she forced it and that she is writhing with anger inside”, “The Worst and False Apologies Disastrous”, “Pure Hypocrisy”, “Most Fake Apologies”, are just some of the comments to read.

Some have gone even further and have asked for the show to be shut down, as he is not the only public figure hit with derogatory comments about his physique: “Let them back off already,” asks Chapoy and everything off the program,” “When are they taking it off the air?”, “Back off now, they’re embarrassing,” they added.

The journalist revealed that both she and the production will take into account the recommendations made to them: “We will be much more careful with the use of language, in accordance with the instructions that we received from CONAVIM,” she even revealed other similar ones Programs like the one she has been driving for almost 30 years could take her example.

For her part, Yuridia responded to Pati’s words with a message on her official Instagram account, urging them to make good use of the rating she had already given them: “You are welcome for the rating, enjoy it and take advantage they sell mayonnaise. But make sure you pronounce the name well,” he wrote.

That was the powerful message conveyed by the singer Photo: Instagram

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