Useless Suffering A baby seal killed by a persistent tourist

‘Useless Suffering’: A baby seal killed by a persistent tourist

A baby seal is said to have died after being carried around by a woman who was advised by a wildlife organization to leave it alone.

“The seal pup was picked up and wrapped in a coat, although we had asked the caller to leave the seal pup alone so that it could be followed the next morning. This caused the animal unnecessary suffering,” the organization Marine and Wildlife Rescue denounced on Facebook on Sunday, as reported by The Sun on Monday.

The woman in question reportedly noticed a baby seal on a beach in Norfolk, east England, on Friday alone. Not knowing what to do, she reportedly called the organization for help.

But despite the recommendation that the animal be left to its own devices, the woman was then spotted dragging the baby in a coat to set him down in the back seat of a vehicle, British media reported.

When the volunteer from the seal charity Friends of Horsey Seals arrived the next morning, the baby had already died of nervous shock and was also trying to bang on Facebook to raise awareness of keeping away from wildlife.

“Please, no matter how tempted you are, don’t go to the beach with the seals! Seals are very sensitive and can easily go into such shock and lose their life!’ Can we read a publication with a photo?

Under the post, many netizens said they were shocked by the behavior.

“Human stupidity is just amazing but I guess the numb skull got his selfie,” commented one, without mincing his words.