Use, run down mystery objects: "The extraterrestrial hypothesis is not excluded" | But the White House denies: "It’s not the aliens"

February 13, 2023 11:14 am

According to a US Army general reported by the BBC, the most recent bodies shot down were anything other than Chinese spy balloons: ‘It could be something else at this point’


The USA is known to be particularly “sensitive” to the topic of “aliens”: therefore in the thick mystery of the undeciphered Flying objects shot down by the US militarythe hypothesis that they might be is taking shape even UFOs. This is supported by the BBC, which in the story’s reconstruction also cites a US military leader who does not rule out this lead. There White Househowever, denies: “There is no evidence of the presence of aliens or extraterrestrials”.

The reconstruction of the BBC – The US military, the BBC reports, is unsure of the nature of the three craft shot down in the skies over North America and how they managed to stay aloft. Yesterday, President Joe Biden ordered another object shot down, the fourth overall this month. Because it was traveling at an altitude of 20,000 feet (6,100 m), it could have disrupted commercial air travel, the United States said. A military commander, the US broadcaster explains, said it could be “some kind of gas balloon” or an object powered by “some kind of propulsion system,” adding that he couldn’t rule out the possibility that the objects were extraterrestrial act of origin. The latest object – shot down over Michigan’s Lake Huron near the Canadian border – has been described by defense officials as an unmanned “octagonal structure” with wires attached. He was shot down by a missile fired from an F-16 fighter jet at 2:42 p.m. local time. The incident raises more questions about the spate of high-flying objects shot down in North America this month.

The testimony of an army commander – US Northern Commander General Glen VanHerck said there was no evidence of a threat. “I will not classify them as balloons. We call them objects for a reason,” she said. “What we’re seeing are very, very small objects that create a very, very small radar cross section,” he added. Speculations about what the objects could be have intensified in recent days. “I’m going to investigate the intelligence community and the counterintelligence community and have it figured out,” Gen. VanHerck said. And when asked if it was possible that the objects were extraterrestrial or extraterrestrial, he didn’t deny. “I haven’t ruled anything out at this point.”

The difference with spy balloons – A suspected Chinese spy balloon was shot down off the coast of South Carolina on February 4 after flying over the United States for days. Officials said it originated in China and had been used to monitor sensitive locations, although Beijing has always denied the object was used for spying purposes, claiming it was a weather monitoring device that went off the road. But unlike the balloon, it spies on objects

They were filmed over both northern Alaska and the Yukon in northwestern Canada and look different. “They were much smaller than China’s spy balloons and we will not characterize them definitively until we can recover the debris,” a White House Homeland Security spokesman said. Both the United States and Canada are still working to recover the remains, but research in Alaska has been hampered by arctic conditions.

White House: “They are not aliens” “There is no sign of extraterrestrial activity related to the unidentified objects” shot down by the Pentagon in the past few days, “I wanted to make sure the American people know about it,” the White House spokeswoman assured instead, joking about it to be a fan of ‘ET’. “I love this movie.”

White House: “We have not yet determined what the last objects were” However, the United States has not yet been able to “determine conclusively” what the last flying objects sighted and shot down were. Instead, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said, stressing that the government remains “extremely focused” on determining the origin and purpose of these latest objects, which appear to have no communications or maneuvering capabilities, even though “we don’t.” can rule out”. They have surveillance capabilities.

The White House announces a task force to investigate unidentified flying objects The Biden administration will form a government task force to investigate downed flying objects. “The President has asked the National Security Council to form a team to determine changes in government policy to locate, investigate and neutralize unidentified flying objects that could pose a risk to air travel and national security,” Kirby said .

Spy balloon program linked to the Chinese military However, the US has noted that China has a “high-altitude balloon program to gather intelligence related to the Chinese military,” Kirby reiterated, stressing that the Biden administration is “carefully studying the program.” “We know Chinese spy balloons have flown through numerous countries on multiple continents around the world, including some of our closest allies.”

Chinese spy balloon, the FBI is investigating the remains





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