Use, find other papers in the Biden house in Wilmington: also top secret

Use, find other papers in the Biden house in Wilmington: also top secret

Use find other papers in the Biden house in Wilmington

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The new discovery in Wilmington fuels a scandal that has spread like wildfire over the days in the frustration of Democrats, who believed they had escaped the worst after the better-than-expected midterm election results. Instead, Biden’s garage door complicates plans for the Liberals and for the 2024 White House race: The president has not yet officially announced his candidacy, but it’s rumored likely he will run for one second semester.

If he confirmed it, he would probably fight it donald trump, the start of a fight between a president and a former president who is being investigated by two different special prosecutors for handling classified papers. A situation that risks turning into a nightmare and discourages voters from voting.

The new documents found in the Biden home were discovered on Thursday and submitted to the Ministry of Justice, says White House Attorney Richard Sauber. There are a total of five other pages marked with the “classified” stamp. With the announcement of the new discovery, the White House is trying to be more open after the allegations of the past few days.

Many – including among the liberal media – have criticized the silence and that lack of administrative transparency on secret papers found in Biden’s former office ahead of the November election. “We are trying to strike a balance between the importance of public transparency and the rules and boundaries needed to protect the integrity of investigations. These considerations require avoiding the public disclosure of details relevant to investigations while they are still running,” explains Biden’s personal attorney, Bob Bauer.

As tensions mount in the White House and among Democrats, the republicans of the House Judiciary Committee announce their investigation on secret papers found in Biden’s home and one of his former offices. In a letter to Justice Secretary Merrick Garland, the Conservatives asked for details of the ongoing investigation and noted how the documents were discovered ahead of November’s midterm elections. Hence the accusation against the Justice Department of not acting as it has acted in other similar cases, such as Donald Trump.

Just to avoid getting his jacket pulled by politics, Garland appointed one Special prosecutor for the Biden case. It’s Robert Hur and he needs to shed light on how and why the classified documents – dating back to Biden’s years as vice president – were not delivered to the National Archives as required by law, but ended up in the President’s home. Hur will have to rebuild that January 2017 when Biden departed after eight years with Barack Obama and retired from administration, the Senate and what is happening in Washington for the first time in 44 years. Back then, his boxes were hastily prepared, and now they risk obscuring the results of Biden’s first two years in the White House because of their contents.