USA Republican Nikki Haley enters presidential race

USA: Republican Nikki Haley enters presidential race

“I’m running for President.” In a video addressed to his supporters, his intentions are clear. Republican Nikki Haley announced on Tuesday that she is running for the 2024 US presidential election. The 50-year-old will become the first notable candidate to challenge ex-President Donald Trump.

The ex-diplomat, rightly appointed to the UN by Donald Trump in 2017, had been approached for several weeks to announce his entry into the White House competition. In all likelihood, she will be one of the few women to stand for election. In her message, the former South Carolina governor calls for a “new generation of leaders” and criticizes Republicans’ record in the last election, where Donald Trump, 76, was kingmaker.

A battle for the nomination that promises to be bitter

The former President of the United States was quick to react to Nikki Haley’s announcement and wished the candidate “good luck”, without underlining that she had made a past commitment not to run against him.

The ex-property tycoon, who has also been a candidate since November 15, is stuck in a number of cases and is not benefiting from the hoped-for dynamic campaign at the moment. And after three months of going it alone, the billionaire is beginning to see Republicans polishing their guns.

However, according to opinion polls, Nikki Haley is not necessarily the biggest threat to Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s former Vice President Mike Pence, his former chief of diplomacy Mike Pompeo, the governors of Virginia and New Hampshire… Many Republicans are considering a possible announcement of their candidacy soon. The fight for the Republican nomination therefore promises to be bitter.

Donald Trump, Nikki Haley or others… The candidate chosen by the Republican camp at the end of the primaries will face the one nominated by the Democratic Party in November 2024.