USA Mike Pence himself finds secret documents at home

USA: Mike Pence himself finds secret documents at home

If you didn’t take any secret documents home with you, throw the first stone. Former US Vice President Mike Pence has alerted the National Archives that he has “discovered a small number of documents that may contain sensitive or classified information” at his Indiana home, CNN and the New York Times revealed Tuesday.

After discovering sensitive documents on Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Mike Pence conducted a search on January 16 and two days later alerted the National Archives, which keep documents and correspondence from all American administrations after an arrest warrant has expired. The Archives then warned the FBI that keeping classified documents was a criminal offense.

“Leave Mike Pence alone!” »

Like Joe Biden, Mike Pence claims that these documents were “accidentally” transported. The former Vice President relies on transparency and cooperation with the authorities. Donald Trump, he had more than 300 secret documents in Mar-a-Lago and he refused to return a hundred for 18 months, including some “top secret”.

For this reason, which could constitute an “obstruction” of justice, the former American President risks more than Joe Biden or Mike Pence. But politically, Donald Trump will be able to say that the problem does not come from him, but from the system. Playing irony on Truth Social, he wrote: “Mike Pence is innocent. He has never knowingly done anything dishonest in his life. Leave him in peace! »