USA, Giuliani investigates in Georgia for disrupting voting

USA, Giuliani investigates in Georgia for disrupting voting

The lawyer of donald trump and former mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani It is one of the aims of the investigation that is being carried out in Georgia under pressure from the then president republican to reverse the result of Elections 2020. In this state, he should appear before the Special Grand Jury today. The New York Times wrote it, citing the defense of Giuliani, who was the tycoon’s attorney at the time: According to the newspaper, the former mayor is under investigation for electoral interference and pressure on the vote.

Earlier this summer, investigators interviewed some witnesses about Giuliani’s appearances December 2020 before Georgia’s legislative commissions to foment false conspiracy theories about electoral fraud. The former New York City mayor’s attorney reckons Giuliani will likely invoke the privilege that protects him Attorney-Client Relationship when asked about Trump.

The next Aug. 23on the other hand, the Republican Senator Lindsey Graham must testify before an Atlanta grand jury investigating whether Trump card and their allies broke laws in an attempt to overturn the results of Georgia’s 2020 presidential election. As American media reported, a federal judge has actually dismissed their appeal against the subpoena of the prosecutor Fan Willis. Graham’s attorneys argued that his position as a senator gave him thatImmunity. Prosecutors said they wanted to request an account Graham of the phone calls he would make to the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his staff opposed it in the weeks following Trump’s election defeat Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, he continues to detail the search of the mansion that Trump has heard over the past few days Mar-a-Lago from the FBI. The former US President said in a post on the social network “Truth” that federal agents “stole” during the search, among other things.three of my passports (One of these has expired. “‘This is an attack on a political opponent on a level unprecedented in the United States,'” he argued. Already in the past few days, the search had sparked an outcry from supporters of the former president, who is accused of having something illegally withheld confidential documents. And from words we quickly moved to deeds with hostile files against the offices of the federal bureau by groups of militants. The increase in real threats, especially on the Internet, therefore required pre-emptive intervention with the construction of real barricades and fences around FBI headquarters.

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