1674649348 USA another massacre in Washington 21 year old kills three

USA, another massacre in Washington: 21 year old kills three people, then commits suicide. But there is the mystery of capture

Another massacre in the USA, this time in Washington state: a man was shot in front of a gas station, killing 3 people and then committed suicide

Posted on: 2023-01-25 09:48

Simon Vazzana


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More massacres than days past. The year 2023 started very violently for the Use, with attacks and shoot on the crowd leaving a long trail of death. The most recent massacre occurred in front of a gas station in Yakima, in the state of Washington. The killer, a 21 years old, killed three people and then ran away: Chased by the police, you would then committed suicide. But the yellow of ghost “capture” remains.

The shots and the victims

The victims are three, all killed outside a gas station in Yakima, Washington. in the night from Monday 23 January to Tuesday 24 January.

As reported by CNN, the local police chief Matt Murray, stated that the killer on board had escaped Chrysler “Gray or silver. He is a dangerous person, the attack was accidental so there is a danger to the community.”

both usedPhoto Credit: ANSA The President of the United States, Joe Biden

Suicide and the Mystery of Capture

The killer, the 21-year-old Jarid Haddock, lived in the area where he committed the massacre.

Once he escapes, he is chased by the police committed suicide.

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The killer would have called CNN mother before he shoots himself.

The agents tried revive him but without success.

It remains a mystery. The law enforcement officers, before reporting the suicide, had announced the capture by Haddock.

Data on massacres in the USA in 2023

California is hit hardest by massacres as of early 2023, with three in less than 72 hours (Monterey Park, 11 dead; Half Bay Moon, 7 dead; oaklands, 1 dead).

Then Haddock, Washington State, but also another in Iowa, in a school that helps young people living in disadvantaged backgrounds DesMoines: killed two students.

They are only the last in order from time.

In fact, from January 1st to January 25th, ANSA counted a total number of them 39: never before so many in American history in the first month of the year.

So much so that the President Joe Biden, he asked Congress”to act quickly and pass a ban on offensive weapons“.


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