USA 100 days before the midterm elections

USA 100 days before the midterm elections

Today is 100 days until the United States midterm electionsWASHINGTON — With 100 days to go before the U.S. midterm elections, Republicans appear well-positioned to retake control of the House and possibly the Senate, polls show.

Looking ahead to the upcoming Nov. 8 election, Democrats are facing headwinds driven mostly by pessimism about the national economy and President Joe Biden’s low approval ratings.

In a way, Democrats in 2022 have a similar problem as Republicans did in 2018: How do you deal with an unpopular president?

According to a Gallup poll, acceptance of the president has fallen to a new low since taking office in January 2021, as just 38 percent of voters approved his job in July, down from 41 percent the previous month.

Such low popularity traditionally indicates significant losses for the president’s party in the midterm elections.

Though many are predicting a red wave (the color that denotes Republicans) given this data, a new USA Today/Suffolk University poll shows the ruling party has a narrow four-point lead over its opponents in the congressional election.

Some non-economic issues, such as the Conservative position on repealing abortion rights and the recent spate of mass shootings, may point to this slight imbalance in the political balance.

However, Republicans believe these factors have done little to at least diminish their chances of a House majority, believing that inflation and a higher cost of living are voters’ top priorities, and these remain the same or worse.

Although recent studies of the president’s political strength offer some glimmers of hope, the current administration’s leadership compounded these weaknesses in the face of the international political situation, the economic crisis, the pandemic and other issues.

Another investigation, this time from CBS News, showed this Sunday that Republicans are leading votes for the lower house ahead of this year’s midterm elections, with 230 seats earmarked for that awning and 205 for Democrats.

Apparently, the polls aren’t predicting a good outcome for Biden’s party, despite some setbacks caused by the Conservatives favoring them.

With uncertainty over who will win Congress and the rest of the positions on November 8th, US political forces will make every effort to win votes critical to determining US political course over the next 100 days will be . (pl)