USA: 100 days before the midterm elections, the camp of the Democrats threatens despite the successes

USA: 100 days before the midterm elections, the camp of the Democrats threatens despite the successes

Published on: 07/31/2022 – 05:08

The vote presents high stakes for Democrats and for Joe Biden. If Republicans take control of Congress, it could complicate things for the US President and his agenda. Joe Biden is already facing many challenges, even if he has had some victories recently.

With our correspondent in New York, Loubna Anaki

For Joe Biden, the presidential function has been synonymous with crises, health, business, politics, social affairs… His popularity rating is the lowest.

Any victory is therefore easy to take, and the President has won quite a few in recent weeks. Starting with the huge reform plan, which is primarily intended to lower the prices for medicines, combat global warming and tax large companies more heavily. A plan that had been blocked for months by one man, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin who finally said he was willing to vote for him.

Also in the good news box: Joe Biden’s promised fall in gas prices after surges at the pump. And especially with this onset of inflation.

Finally, there was also the vote of the House of Representativesa plan to ban assault rifles, semi-automatic weapons. Even if the text is doomed to fail in the Senate, this will be an opportunity for the presidential camp to show they need more elected Democrats in the upper house to push their bills forward. And 100 days before the midterm elections, that’s the message Democrats keep delivering.

The Republican machine at the turning point

It remains to be seen whether voters are convinced of the Biden administration’s work to date. However, it is a tradition, or almost every midterm election, that the president’s party records poor results.

The sluggish economy and especially inflation, which is at its highest level in four decades, should not reverse the trend this year. A soft spot for the Biden administration that Republicans will press on on the final stretch before the vote.

They benefit from a colossal budget for their campaign spots: $130 million in the coffers of the party’s main political action committee, versus $60 million for the Democrats.

The bipartisan Cook Political Report predicts Republicans will win between 15 and 30 seats in the House of Representatives. That’s a lot more than the four seats they need to take control.

Still, Democrats appear to be revived by several recent Supreme Court rulings, including the abortion rights ruling.

It remains to be seen whether this mobilization will still be as strong in three months and whether it will succeed in influencing the extent of this announced “Republican red wave”.