US support for Ukraine a good investment

US support for Ukraine: a good investment

“We’re back”, the USA is back, said Joe Biden at the beginning of his term in office. No other case demonstrates this as clearly as the support offered to Ukraine over the past year. The United States not only directed money and military equipment, but was at the center of all initiatives to ensure the cohesion of allies.

Significant support since 2014

After the Russian invasion of Crimea, the Obama administration approved programs to improve the country’s security while helping to develop Ukraine’s air force.

If the United States only intervened in the beginning to give Ukraine a better chance of defending itself, we’ll move to another level in 2017-2018 when the Trump administration commits to providing lethal weapons. In 2018, the Javelin missile launcher and the Mark VI patrol boat will be sold to the Ukrainians.

Since the February 2022 invasion, American investment has reached new heights. We are now past the $50 billion mark, including $25 billion in military aid. The aid provided amounts to almost 10 billion exclusively for medical supplies and food.

When we remember that in 2021 Ukraine had received only 346 million in total aid, it is very hard to deny that the American commitment is great and we cannot imagine a hasty abandonment by Uncle Sam.

reasons to keep going

While some Republican voices are beginning to express reservations about the length and cost of American support for Ukraine, polls from Gallup and the Pew Research Center show that public opinion remains positive about American involvement.

The Biden administration still has room for maneuver domestically in this regard, but has to note that support has waned in recent months. While the sums invested are gigantic, the current government sees it above all as a profitable investment in the short and medium term.

What are the positive effects of these 50 billion invested in Ukraine? First of all, we can perceive an investment that contributes to the weakening of the Russian rival and at the same time punishes it for acts contrary to international law. Beyond the current conflict, Russia will struggle to recover, both economically and militarily.

In addition, without the use of American troops, we are offering the world a stunning example of American determination to support democratic regimes.

Better still, by presenting itself as the leader of the European allies and NATO, the United States is warning the Chinese authorities at a time when the showdown between the two powers is intensifying. The shadow of the Taiwanese case looms over particularly strained relationships.


Financial aid to Ukraine fulfills several goals, but it won’t last forever. While side profits are being maximized, the Biden administration must already be planning a way out of the conflict. Foreign policy is seldom a winning bet on the campaign trail, and Americans may grow weary of such high spending. That’s what Republicans are counting on.


preference of Americans in the actions of their government

% supports Ukraine claiming territory even if conflict continues

% end the conflict quickly, even if Russia retains territory

Jan 23

65% 31%

August. 22

66% 31%

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