US sends 83 irregular migrants back to Cuba

US sends 83 irregular migrants back to Cuba

The US is deporting 83 irregular migrants back to Cuba
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The United States Coast Guard Service (SGC) returned 83 irregular migrants to Cuba today via the port of Orozco in Bahía Honda, Artemisa, the Caribbean country’s interior ministry reported.

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The operation was carried out in accordance with bilateral migration agreements.

These individuals (60 men, 16 women and seven minors) are mainly from the provinces of Artemisa, Havana and Matanzas (west) and have been involved in four illegal exits from the country, intercepted at sea by the SGC.

Two of the returnees were handed over to the investigative authorities because they were identified as suspected perpetrators of serious crimes, the statement said.

In this operation, there are 10 operations carried out via this route from the United States, with 1,271 returnees, while to the returnees from the Bahamas and Cayman Islands, there are a total of 13 operations of this type, with 1,416 irregular migrants so far in 2023. .

The Cuban authorities have reaffirmed their commitment to regular, safe and orderly migration, emphasizing the dangers and life-threatening conditions posed by illegal exits from the country by sea and the irresponsible involvement of innocent minors.

(Taken from Latin Press)