US: Gunman tried to break into Ohio FBI offices

US: Gunman tried to break into Ohio FBI offices

A gunman tried to enter US federal police compound in a northern US city Thursday before engaging in a police chase.

A gunman tried to break into the FBI’s offices in Cincinnati, in the northern United States, on Thursday before embarking on a chase with police, who held him at gunpoint in the afternoon.

The FBI, the U.S. federal police force, said in a statement that a gunman attempted to break into and break into their offices in Cincinnati, Ohio early Thursday morning.

FBI raid on Donald Trump’s house

The facts emerged as a spectacular FBI search of Donald Trump’s home on Monday angered far-right circles across the country, despite there being no indication the two events were linked.

“The alarm went off and armed FBI agents arrived and the suspect fled,” federal police said.

According to local media, the man used a nail gun and wielded an AR-15 semi-automatic weapon before fleeing by car.

car tracking

A police spokesman said officers were looking.

“As the vehicle stopped, gunfire erupted between officers and the suspect,” he said. “The event is still ongoing.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray announced on Wednesday that the FBI had received what he described as “regrettable and dangerous” threats following the search of Donald Trump’s home.

“Violence against law enforcement is not the answer, whatever your problem,” he added.

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