US general throws eyes on lithium in Latin America sparking

US general ‘throws eyes’ on lithium in Latin America… sparking controversy

Laura Richardson, a general who serves as head of the United States Southern Command, stirs controversy among left-wing leaders after asking: “Why is this region (Latin America) important?” and reply that this is partly due to the wealth of natural resources such as lithium and the proximity to their country.

In a presentation by the Atlantic Council, a US think tank, the decorated commander emphasized that it is about being good neighbors of American countries where there are nations with which the US works on a daily basis. Although there are also countries like Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua that are allies of Russia.

In the approximately one-hour conversation, the General also addressed the importance of the region in terms of its natural resources.

“Why is this region important? With all of their rich resources and rare earth elements, you have the lithium triangle necessary for today’s technology. 60 percent of the world’s lithium is in the Lithium Triangle: Argentina, Bolivia and Chile,” Ricardson said.

They have the largest oil reserves, light sweet crude oil discovered in Guyana over a year ago. They also have Venezuela’s resources in oil, copper and gold,” he added.

He further noted that China gets 36 percent of its food resources from the regionand that 31 percent of the world’s fresh water is found in this area, and in part for these reasons, it is an area related to United States national security.

On these statements the former President of Bolivia Evo Morales said Latin America is not the backyard of the United States.

“We remind the head of the US Southern Command, Laura Richardson, that Latin America is not her backyard or her farm to exploit natural resources. Faced with the new threat of intervention by the Yankees, we reiterate that the free peoples of the Great Fatherland will defend their sovereignty,” he mentioned on his social networks.

The United States has asked Latin American countries to donate weapons purchased from Russia to Ukraine

In the same conversation that took place last Thursday, the general stated this The United States has asked various countries in the region to donate the military equipment it has bought from Russia. and in their place they will be given American arms.

“Russia has allies in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, but six other countries, nine in total, have Russian military equipment. We are working with them to replace Russian equipment with American military equipment if they donate it to Ukraine,” he told Richardson at an Atlantic Council think-tank meeting.

The countries that bought Russian weapons are: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Peru and Venezuelaaccording to the American Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS, for its English acronym).

Russian tanks. Credits: EFE

Who is General Laura Richardson?

General Laura Richardson, Chief of the United States Southern Command, is a decorated general with extensive experience in the United States Army.

Her positions include serving as Military Assistant to the US Vice President at the White House and as Army Campaign Planner at the Pentagon.

Richardson’s awards include five Meritorious Service Medals, four Legions of Merit, and two Army Distinguished Service Medals. _With information from EFE