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US GB sanctions in Nabiullina, “Putin’s most effective ally”

(ANSA) — WASHINGTON, Sept. 30 — Among the Russians who have been sanctioned by the US, but also by Britain, for annexations in Donbass, Central Bank Governor Elvira Nabiullina stands out, described by Washington as “one of the Most Effective Allies”. by Vladimir Putin for the proven ability to keep the country’s economy afloat despite Western sanctions.

The American leadership, CNN reports, reluctantly admits that Nabiullina, in office since 2013, can steer the Russian economy well, as he has already demonstrated with the milder sanctions for the Crimean annexation. This time the governor of Moscow’s central bank has cleverly raised interest rates, imposed capital controls and looked for weaknesses and alternatives to survive a siege economy. “A good central bank manager can do things that keep the currency afloat,” a senior US executive said shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “You have an excellent head of the central bank, we knew it then and we know it now,” he added after Nabiullina’s first actions. (HAND).



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