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US box office: Barbenheimer explodes, dizzying weekend for Barbie and Oppenheimer BadTaste.it

Historic weekend at the American box office: We’ve been following the Barbenheimer phenomenon day in and day out, starting with last Thursday’s excellent ratings in previews, where we finally confirmed it Barbie And Oppenheimer They didn’t compete against each other, but helped each other, so to speak, also due to a very positive CinemaScore (A). But all the films in the ranking have helped to offer American audiences a very rich and varied offering, resulting in a total box office total of over $300 million (302 to be exact) over the weeks. So far it had only happened three times: in 2015 when it came out Star Wars: The Force Awakensin 2018 when it came out Avengers: Infinity War and in 2019 when it came out Avengers: Endgame.

To lead the ranking, we find Barbie which is a real phenomenon, with $155 million in three days, a figure that surpassed all expectations the night before (remember that a few weeks ago there were fears that less than $100 million would be raised). A great success that is also reflected internationally, with a worldwide debut worth 377 million dollars in five days: it is a debut comparable to that of a great Marvel cinema film, not a film based on an IP, but with an original story and, above all, directed by a woman. greta Gerwig can no doubt assume that his career in Hollywood is filled with opportunity, and so does he Margot robbietrue star (and producer) of this project.

Second is no less Oppenheimer, which grossed $80.5 million in three days in the US and $174.2 million in five days worldwide, the best debut original film by Christopher Nolan. Again, the number is much higher than originally thought. The film, as we recall, is banned for minors, lasts three hours, and is a serious biopic centered on the inventor of the atomic bomb. Nolan, in this case, is the real intellectual property that fans flocked to see, and Universal can be proud to have produced his film after leaving Warner Bros.

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All Barbie and Oppenheimer records

Among the many records set by these two cinema phenomena is the fact that it is unprecedented in the United States for one film to gross 150 million and another 50 million over the same weekend. But let’s go in order:


  • Best debut weekend of the year
  • Biggest pre-sale ever for a Warner film (49.5 million)
  • Best previews of the year
  • Best opening day of the year
  • Best Debut by a Female Director in the United States
  • Best start ever for a film without a sequel and without a remake in July
  • Best Debut Ever for a Non-Sequel and Non-DC Warner Film


  • Best Debut Ever for a Christopher Nolan Original Movie
  • Best Opening Day and Opening Weekend for a Biopic
  • Best US Drama Debut Since 2019 (Creed III)
  • Outstanding Debut of the Year for an R-rated Movie
  • Best debut day for a Nolan film in 33 territories

Both films also broke numerous records on international markets.

Oppenheimer Christopher Nolan IMAX

The rest of the ranking

There are those who suffered a harder stop than expected from the success of Barbenheimer, we’ll talk about that Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part Onewhich slips to fourth place below in the US sound of freedom. The latter, in third place, loses 26% compared to its exceptional second weekend and reaches a total of 124 million with another 20 million dollars: the real counter-programming. The action film starring Tom Cruise (who had encouraged audiences to play the Barbie-Oppenheimer double) is down 64% and grossing another $19.5 million, up to $118 million overall. Notably, the film lost all the IMAX theaters it could regain in a matter of weeks. Things are faring better overseas, with another $55 million (outstanding debut at number one in Japan at $7.9 million) and a global total of $371 million.

Complete the Top 5 Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destinywith $6.7 million and a total of $159 million in the US, 335 worldwide.

Holds up well Insidious: the red door in sixth place, with $6.5 million and a total of 71 million (155 worldwide!), as well as elementals in seventh place with $5.8 million and a total of $137 million: Worldwide, the Pixar film has reached $430 million, not bad for a film that seemed doomed to flop.


  • Barbie – $155,000,000 / $155,000,000
  • Oppenheimer – $80,500,000 / $80,500,000
  • Sound of Freedom – $20,140,647 / $124,748,584
  • Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One – $19,500,000 / $118,753,469
  • Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny – $6,700,000 / $159,018,862
  • Insidious: The Red Door – $6,500,000 / $71,001,673
  • Elemental – $5,800,000 / $137,233,827
  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – $2,815,000 / $375,209,269
  • Transformers: Rise of the Beasts – $1,120,000 / $155,642,604
  • No Hard Feelings – $1,075,000 / $49,210,693

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