Untitled nieces and nephews Princess Mary does it Promiflashde

Untitled nieces and nephews: Princess Mary does it! Promiflash.de

Making important decisions is always difficult – and the Danish royal family has opted for a drastic innovation: Queen Margrethe of Denmark (82) announced on Wednesday that she was revoking the titles of princes and princesses of four of her grandchildren. The children of her youngest son Prince Joachim (53) will be called Counts and Countesses from 2023. His daughter-in-law Princess Mary (50) understands this step very well!

“I can understand that it is a very difficult decision to make. […] Change can be difficult and really hurt. But that does not mean that this decision is not correct.”, Mary explained to Hello! magazines. Born in Australia, she is married to the heir to the throne Prince Frederik (54) and so far her own children, including Frederik’s successor Prince Christian (16), are unaffected by the title revocation: “We will deal with the titles of our children when the time comes, we still don’t know what the royal family will look like in Christian’s day.”

Just before Mary made her statement, her nephew Nikolai (23) also told Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet: “Of course my entire family and I are very sad. As my parents said, we are shocked by this decision and how quickly it actually happened.” Withdrawal should give real children the opportunity to develop more freely.


Queen Margrethe of Denmark in August 2019


Prince Frederik and Princess Mary with their children


Princess Marie and Prince Joachim with their children Felix (from left), Athena, Henrik and Nikolai

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