“Until victory”: London delivers heavy tanks to Kyiv and challenges Putin

“Until victory”: London delivers heavy tanks to Kyiv and challenges Putin

War between Ukraine and Russia file The head of British diplomacy James Cleverly reasoned on Tuesday that his country was the first to send heavy armor to help Ukraine “fight off” the Russians in the east and south of the country.

Next to Ukraine, London will not waver. British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly wanted to convey this message on Tuesday to justify sending tanks into the country. This, he argues, is to help him “push back” the Russians in the east and south of the country, saying London will back the Ukrainians to “victory.” “The message we are sending to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin […] we pledge to defend Ukrainians until they are victorious,” he said during a trip to Washington.

“What Putin needs to understand is that we will have the strategic staying power to stay with them until the job is done and the best thing he can do to save the lives of his own soldiers is to do it recognise,” added James Cleverly. who addressed the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

14 heavy tanks promised

The British minister, who is scheduled to meet later in the day with the head of American diplomacy Antony Blinken, began a tour of the United States and Canada . The West has already sent light armor to Kyiv, but the UK is the first country to commit to sending Kyiv the type of armor requested by the Ukrainian armed forces.

James Cleverly pointed out that London made this decision “because we recognize they need a strong defense capability in the east and south,” areas that Russia has controlled since invading the EU and Ukraine nearly 11 months ago tries. The UK is committed to continuing to support Ukraine as needed, he added.

A promise that clearly challenged the defense ministers of the “Leopard Coalition” who, according to the Guardian, will meet in Estonia on Thursday. Alongside the UK Defense Secretary, Polish and Baltic ministers will meet to coordinate their efforts. The goal: to get Berlin’s approval to send the Leopard heavy tank, one of the most widespread models in European armies and made in Germany.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz came under increased pressure from several Finnish, Lithuanian and Polish leaders in Davos on Tuesday to authorize the delivery of these tanks. “We hope and try to organize more support for Ukraine,” said Polish President Andrzej Duda. “We hope that the manufacturer of these tanks, Germany, will also take part,” he added, recalling that Poland offered to supply 14 Leopard tanks. Another meeting on Friday, scheduled in Ramstein, Germany, will bring together defense ministers from states supporting Ukraine to discuss continuing their material assistance.