Unstoppable: When a young actress steals the show – Showbizz.net

Unstoppable: When a young actress steals the show – Showbizz.net

“Adèle yelled at Jacob loudly. I didn’t know what to do, I was scared dad… And then when she put him in the bath he started screaming even louder. Worse, I covered my ears. I wasn’t a good big sister. – Florian.

These are the words that resonated in Quebec homes on Thursday as little Floriane explained to her father in Indéfendable that she was scared of the day her little brother lost his life and scarred our hearts a little.

This scene, so well acted, stole the show on Thursday night’s episode. For that we have to thank young actress Juliette Bourson, 7, for an absolutely heartbreaking performance in this story.

Her character seems to hold the key to this mysterious story through her actions with her doll. From the start we were led to believe that it would be stepmother Adèle (Stéphanie Germain) who would have caused little Jacob’s death. On the surface she doesn’t seem very inclined towards this type of behavior, but when her partner is out of sight her attitude changes drastically. Is the production trying to blind us or is it giving us really good clues?

At 7 years old, little Juliette Bourson showed exceptional sensitivity in this scene in which she confides in her father, accompanied by the actor Mathieu Quesnel, who accepts the trust.

The young actress previously starred in the series Ruptures and Reasonable Doubt. We will also see her in the role of Jeanne in the series Les yeux fermés with Magalie Lépine-Blondeau, soon to be offered on Extra d’ICi Tou.tv.

So here is a talented young girl that we will love to watch as she shines and develops on our small screen.

Keep in mind that viewers have some assumptions about Adèle’s story. Who do you think is guilty? The mother-in-law is mysterious, the father too naive, the mother sometimes irresponsible… lots of stuff to hypothesize.