Unreasonable cuts in the STM: where is Valérie Plante?

Unreasonable cuts in the STM: where is Valérie Plante?

In 2010, the STM introduced a necessary and structuring bus service “max. 10 minutes” created.

The proposal was simple and clear. This allowed approximately 90% of Montrealers to access these lines, which joined the subway within a reasonable walking distance Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., without ever having to wait longer than 10 minutes . It was attractive.

service outage

Of the 31 active lines, 8 remained two years after the pandemic, until the STM announced no less than the abolition of this cherished service in early January. heartbreaking.

Mayor Plante has appointed an elected representative of Projet Montréal, who is a member of the Executive Committee, as President of the STM, so she is directly responsible for this decision.

Yes, the pandemic has caused a drop in traffic and therefore a loss of income, but where is Valérie Plante to alert decision-makers on all platforms and form alliances with other mayors to convince governments that it is necessary to invest heavily? Help transport companies get back on their feet?

1.3 million trips

Public transportation is not a green fad, it is an indispensable means of transportation for many nurses, secretaries, workers, students, seniors… It also reduces congestion.

Before the pandemic, Montreal averaged 1.3 million trips per day with a significant increase in ridership of almost 10% (2016-2019) and 375 million trips annually. The collective turn worked at full speed.

In public transport, it’s the chicken and the egg. It is the attractive, rich and reliable offer that convinces users to take the plunge. The pandemic has hurt, so we need to redouble our efforts, promotions and incentives.

Who leaves their car to wait longer in strong winds and slush? This cut in service sends out a very bad signal and it is once again the users in East Montreal who are the main victims.

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