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Unknown flying objects: US has yet to see a China connection

So far, the US government has seen no evidence of a connection to Chinese espionage following the downing of three mysterious flying objects. White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said today there is nothing to indicate the objects are part of China’s “spy balloon program” or that they were “definitely” used for espionage. foreign.

Objects dropped over the United States and Canada could be “balloons simply attached to commercial or research facilities and therefore harmless,” Kirby said. This may be the “main explanation”.

However, the dropped objects have not yet been recovered. “We still haven’t found her,” said Kirby. He justified this with the “quite harsh” meteorological and geographical conditions.

Serious accusations against Beijing

The US Navy has had more success than the three mystery flying objects in recovering the alleged Chinese surveillance balloon, which was shot down off the US Atlantic coast a week ago. “We’re learning from the wreckage we’re pulling up from the bottom of the Atlantic,” said Kirby. He renewed his accusations against China: “It’s a concerted effort by the Chinese to use this particular type of platform for surveillance and intelligence gathering.”

China denied it was a spy balloon. The Beijing government speaks of a drifting weather balloon. The US firmly rejects this bill. Recently, US forces were able to recover a sensor and electronics from the balloon that crashed in the Atlantic.

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