1674446718 University and the fearsome XI he would have with the

University and the fearsome XI he would have with the possible arrivals of Celi, Riveros and Siucho

University and the fearsome XI he would have with the

There would be three reinforcements that would do University of Sports to conclude the 2023 squad. They are Paraguayan defender Williams Riveros, attacker Roberto Siucho and midfielder Yuriel Celi who are on the verge of fleshing out their link with the ‘U’. In this way, Carlos Compagnucci would have already assembled his team to fight for League 1 and break the 10-year losing streak; In addition to a good participation in the Copa Sudamericana.

Williams Riveros

The Guarani defender would have an agreement with the merengue board and would arrive in Peru in the next few days to make his signing official and attend the creams training sessions.

Riveros played in his country in 2022. Photo: Cerro Porteno

Juriel Celi

The steering wheel would reach Hull City, although negotiations with Carlos A. Mannucci are ongoing. Once the deal is agreed, Ate’s expect Celi to be loaned out for this season.

Universitario would get Yuriel Celi’s signing. Photo: Composition/The Republic/Carlos Mannucci

Roberto Siucho

The winger must be nationalized as a Peruvian in order to play and cannot fill a foreign position. However, his case is the closest as he trains with the squad as a guest.

Roberto Siucho has already played in the Universitario de Deportes. Photo: Diffusion

The fearsome team of the ‘U’ for 2023

With the possible additions of these three players, the DT cream would have both defensive and offensive variants. In a classic 4-3-3 formation, that would be the eleventh that Compagnucci could stop.

  • Goalkeeper: Jose Carvallo
  • Defenders: Aldo Corzo, Williams Riveros, Matías Di Benedetto and Nelson Cabanillas
  • Midfielders: Rodrigo Ureña, Horacio Calcaterra and Piero Quispe
  • Forwards: Andy Polo, Roberto Siucho and Álex Valera.