United States the political fiction of George Santos indefatigable Congressional

United States: the political fiction of George Santos, indefatigable Congressional mythomaniac

Of course there will be a movie. Or a series. The actors will struggle to interpret George Santos. We welcome the polymorphism of the selected artist. Rewards are predicted for him. But it’s still too early to see this epic on the big screen. The real-life fate of the elected official from New York (3rd Circuit) remains limbo — an adjective at odds with his career — which saw him into the House of Representatives spans in November 2022.

For now, Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy, eager to retain his small majority, has not called for Mr Santos to resign and claims he is sticking with voter choice. Elected President of the Chamber in the fifteenth ballot at the beginning of January, he admits that he “always had questions” about the course of the latter, which needs to win the “trust” of his colleagues. Will the prospect have the time?

Never before had a man lied so much about almost anything in this chamber. Never before had a candidate constructed such a pathetic and despicable scaffold of nonsense about his origins, his family, his private life, his career, his obligations. A construction that is solid enough to survive the ordeal of an election campaign victoriously after a first failure in 2020. But she now makes him prey to journalists, who are hunted down the Capitol corridors, taunted by the TV hosts and enraging his own colleagues.

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Almost every day, American media rips a page out of the Santos fiction, unearths a damning witness, publishes a photo or a document. The head turns, dizziness wins. We no longer know on whom to rely: the penal code, the ethics manual of an elected official, or the sofa of an excellent psychoanalyst sunk into mythomania.

euphoria after the election

On November 19, 2022, George Santos will take the stage set up in a luxury hotel in Las Vegas (Nevada). He is one of the secondary speakers at the meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition, an influential organization of Republican Jews. Freshly elected eleven days earlier in the midterm elections, he speaks ahead of a video intervention by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the arrival of new Republican star, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. He has five minutes.

“Shabbat Shalom everyone! The freshly elected spokes about his immigrant parents. “We are no strangers to persecution,” he notes, referring to the fate of his grandfather, who fled Ukraine in the 1920s before fleeing to Belgium and then Brazil. George Santos promises to fight anti-Semitism in Congress, defend Israel and be tough on Iran. “I’m living the American dream,” says the 34-year-old with a greedy smile. This is his final moment of post-election euphoria.

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