United States He carries a bull in the passenger seat

United States: He carries a bull in the passenger seat of his car

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A man converted the passenger compartment to accommodate the nearly one-ton livestock. The video of this “extraordinary convoy” went viral on social media.

A surreal scene shot in the United States. An American was stopped by police last Wednesday while driving his car in Norfolk, Nebraska, because he had a huge bull in his passenger seat. According to the Washington Post, the interior of the vehicle, a Ford Crown Victoria, was modified to accommodate the nearly one-ton cattle.

The animal with the big horns, named Howdy Doody, did not go unnoticed in the city of almost 24,000 residents. A video showing the bull installed in the vehicle quickly went viral on social media.

The unlikely convoy was reported to local police, who decided to check the driver on site. “It was a big surprise. “We all expected it to be a smaller animal like a calf that could fit in a vehicle and not the large animal we discovered there,” a Norfolk police officer said.

After his arrest, Lee Meyer, the ruminant’s owner, told police that Howdy Doody liked to drive and “like the wind blowing over his face when he went for walks.” Explanations that weren’t enough to convince the agents. The driver was warned for obstructing visibility and unsecured loading. Lee Meyer also had to drive his bull home.