United States Discover Fallingwater the house by the waterfall Franceinfo

United States: Discover Fallingwater, the house by the waterfall Franceinfo

Published on September 27, 2023 9:31 p.m

Video length: 3 min

France 2

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Article written by France 2 – C. Guttin, Z. Boughzou, A. Ecalle, K. Sullivan Den Bergh

France TV

Wednesday September 27, 20 hours takes you to Fallingwater, a house built on a waterfall in Pennsylvania in the United States. This architectural masterpiece is the work of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who notably designed the Guggenheim Museum in New York.


Fallingwater is a strange house, built in the middle of nature. It owes its name to its location right next to a waterfall. This architectural masterpiece captivates and fascinates visitors. The foundations are located on a river, in the middle of a nature reserve. The architect adapted to the terrain, mixing the concrete with the stones and plants. Inside, the guide will show you a huge living room surrounded by bay windows.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

There is no partition. When it came to furniture, the architect wanted to eliminate the boundaries between inside and outside. “Attention is constantly directed outwards. By looking at the very low furniture, the view can extend unhindered to the landscape,” explains Ashley Andrykovitch, the guide. A secret staircase was even designed to allow the residents of the time to access the waterfall. The world-famous house by the waterfall has even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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