United States: Disagreement within Republican Party after Mar  a  Lago raid

United States: Disagreement within Republican Party after Mar a Lago raid

Published on: 08/15/2022 – 15:56

In the United States, disagreements within the Republican Party break out a week after the FBI raided the residence of former President Donald Trump in Florida.

The vehemence of certain statements by elected conservatives challenging the investigation being conducted by the FBI and the right to conduct a such operation in a former president’s home has been the subject of criticism from other conservative elected officials, who warn of the consequences it could have for American democracy.

Often close after very harsh criticism of the Justice Department and the FBI by elected conservatives donald trumpand the real threats facing certain federal police officers, it’s time for warnings within the Republican Party.

The terminology used has raised certain consciences. Such is the case of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who does not understand that the FBI can be compared to the Gestapo, the Nazi secret police. At the invitation of the ABC News television network, he did not hesitate to call this kind of remarks absurd and even dangerous: “It is scandalous rhetoric” that can have devastating effects in the oldest democracy in the world.

Larry Hogan, like other Conservative peers, believes it was comments like this that prompted Donald Trump supporters to attack an FBI office in Cincinnati, Ohio, and threaten police. He is urging the authorities to show transparency on this matter to calm things down, as has Brian Fitzpatrick, Republican-elect in the House of Representatives, as well as many other elected officials from both houses of Congress, who castigate any disgusting comments made by some of their peers .

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