United Kingdom: Liz Truss clear lead to replace Boris Johnson

United Kingdom: Liz Truss clear lead to replace Boris Johnson

According to a survey, the British Foreign Secretary is 32 points ahead of her competitor Rishi Sunak.

According to a new poll released on Thursday, March 18.

She is 32 points ahead of her rival, former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak: 66% of Conservative party members support her, with just 34% preferring her Rishi Sunak, according to this YouGov/Sky News poll, which excludes the 13%. who haven’t decided yet. Two weeks ago, a YouGov/The Times poll gave him a 38-point lead.

Several debates, often acrimonious, have rejected the two candidates to succeed Boris Johnson in recent weeks, in a particularly tense economic and social context, with inflation above 10% and strikes in many sectors amid the erosion of government power. to buy. Boris Johnson, now an absentee subscriber, had been forced on July 7 after more than 50 resignations in his wake, fed up with the scandals and his repeated lies.

The approximately 200,000 members of the Conservative Party will vote by mail or online this summer on who will replace him as party leader and thus as prime minister. His name will be announced on September 5th. About 57% of party members (mostly male, white, older) state that they have already voted, 38% not yet.

Liz Truss, 47, positioned on the far right and willingly supporting Margaret Thatcher, is 37 points ahead of those who have already voted (68% versus 31% for Rishi Sunak) according to the same poll. The poll, conducted among 1,089 party members, also shows that the two candidates remain less popular than Boris Johnson, who, if in the running, would receive 46% of party member votes versus 24% for Truss and 23% for Sunak.