1657026070 United Kingdom eat a hot dog Pure horror what it

United Kingdom, eat a hot dog? Pure horror: what it finds inside

United Kingdom eat a hot dog Pure horror what it

Bad surprise for the actress and playwright Lisa Morgan. The woman who was busy dubbing Captain Scarlet was eating a hot dog when she found it in a tooth. It all happened at Greggs Patisserie, the local branch in Eastbourne, UK. Here the actress realized that there was something strange in the sausage roll, and indeed here came the “surprise”.

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“I sat down and had a lot of fun, I would have been very quick anyway because they were closing,” the actress told the Mirror. “I chewed and I felt something hard. It wasn’t like cartilage, so I pulled it out and, God, there it was — a tooth.” But the question remains, “I don’t know if it was a pig or a human, but I was horrified“.

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Liz immediately reported the incident and was told by the store manager at The Beacon mall to contact the chain’s central customer service team directly. “I had a lengthy correspondence with customer service who seemed very concerned and said they would make their own inquiries,” he added, explaining the taunt of the mockery: “I got the letter.” Compensation? 15 dollars (approx. 17 euros)”. An absurdity, so much so that Morgan wryly said: “There are twelve sausage rolls”.

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