United determined and fun This is what the Sanderson sisters

United, determined and fun: This is what the Sanderson sisters symbolize after 30 years te

The Sanderson sisters are at it again Abracadabra 2 and more than just another chance to get revenge on Salem, the funny trio will now be able to shape another generation of young fans Disney+. After all, like nearly 30 years ago, they’re the focus of a Halloween adventure that subtly laughs at societal conventions, from 21stcentury technologies to what it actually means to be a witch. In other words, there’s more to the funny and memorable cartoon than the actresses Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker created. Therefore, during the worldwide press conference, Omelete asked the protagonists: What does the return of the Sanderson sisters mean to them?

“In a weird and unique way, I believe they are [representações] positive for women,” Midler said. “For starters, they’re very funny, something women shouldn’t be. And they’re fiercely loyal to each other, even if their relationship… encompasses a very wide range of emotions. But strangely, the bond between them is very, very strong.”

According to the actress, trio and director Anne Flechter have talked a lot about this loyalty that Winnie, Mary and Sarah share because there is an echo of reality. “In any situation where women are together, the bond of friendship and sisterhood is really important. And this film amplifies that.”

Najimy, in turn, pointed to another symbolic quality of the trio: their ability to make decisions. “There is very little hesitation about our ideas and what we are going to do. Let’s make it possible, even if it eats children [risos]. Whatever the mission, we don’t have a lot of doubts, which you don’t see often,” he said, referring to Hollywood convention of portraying female characters as defenseless, untrained to react in the face of a problem. “We’re a pretty determined group,” agreed Midler. “Which shows that women can also be decisive.”

So the Sanderson sisters are determined, loyal, fun, and loving, right? “You didn’t say nice, but I will,” Najimy laughed before relenting, “you can’t have everything.”

Abracadabra 2 is available now on Disney+.

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