United Airlines passenger finds bags in dumpster in apartment

United Airlines passenger finds bags in dumpster in apartment complex – Simple Flying

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Valerie Szybala received her bag after tracking her since last week.

United Airlines Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner Charleston Photo: Luke Souza | Easy flying

Valerie Szybala, a United Airlines passenger, has been trying to retrieve her United Airlines bag for several days and has been led on a wild chase. Placing an Apple Air tag in her suitcase has proven to be of great help, but it also led her to spotting other passengers’ bags next to dumpsters behind an apartment complex.

In a Twitter thread that started yesterday afternoon, United passenger Valerie Szybala shares the journey she made while trying to retrieve her “missing” bag. Szybala begins the lengthy thread by stating that United lied to her about the location of her bag and that she has evidence of an AirTag, a small Apple device designed to track GPS locations of objects. The tweet was viewed more than 12 million times and caused a stir on the social media platform.


The thread later resumes with Valerie explaining that the United rep supporting DM stopped responding when she asked for explicit details of the airline’s lost baggage policy.

The employee who helped Szybala was anything but polite and told her: “Calm down, your bag is at the delivery service.”

Having been in the same place since Friday, Szybala’s bag was changed yesterday and went to a McDonald’s shortly before returning to the apartment complex.

Six hours before this story was published, the bag was again shown to be moving but stopped at a mall where it stayed for 30 minutes. Szybala thought the bag might have been on a delivery trip but was quickly disappointed when the bag returned to the apartment complex.

Days after tracking down her bag and trying to retrieve it, Szybala found it a few hours ago. Although the bag has been found, the madness isn’t over yet. According to another tweet, Szybala returned to the apartment complex this morning to find the bag and there received an interesting text message from a delivery man who worked for a bag delivery service. The text message is below.

The driver who brought the bags was surprised when he arrived when he saw the news crews and thought he was in trouble, but Szybala was thrilled to have her bag back. She adds that she doesn’t believe what the driver told her and that neither the driver nor the airline explained why her bag spent the weekend in an apartment complex.

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