Understand everything that happened between Shakira and Piqué after the marriage ended

Understand everything that happened between Shakira and Piqué after the marriage ended

There is no other topic on international gossip sites: the singer Shakira and the Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué have ended their marriage and even after seven months the controversy continues. The bullshit of the moment is the singer’s new song with alleged references to her ex and the former Spain international’s reaction. Understand what has happened since the excouple announced the end of the relationship in June 2022.

The split was confirmed days after the Spanish newspaper El Periódico reported that the Colombian had caught her husband committing treason. Since then, the situation between the two has rocked and several rumors have surfaced, such as that the exBarca cheated on the artist ‘more than 50 times’ and that Shakira discovered the infidelity over a jar of strawberry jam.

The fact is that the divorce process has been contradictory, and only in November last year the famous reached an agreement on custody of their two children Sasha (9) and Milan (7).

According to information from “La Vanguardia”, Shakira prevailed against Piqué, who wanted the youngsters to continue in Barcelona. So the little ones would go to Miami in the USA with the Colombian.

Earlier this January, the newspaper Page Six reported that Shakira was “devastated” after discovering that Clara Chía, Piqué’s new girlfriend, was caught in a video at the former couple’s home in August 2021. They are still together and the singer had come with her children.

According to the website Uol, the discovery is said to have been one of the reasons for her outbreak on Instagram at the turn of the year. The singer released a publication in which he spoke about betrayal and resilience.

Music with pinpricks
The final episode of this whole soap opera happened in the last few days when Shakira released the track “BZVP Music Sessions Vol #53”. The song is about the end of a relationship and is interpreted by fans as an allusion to piqué.

The song has sour lines such as “I wish you well with my supposed replacement”.

Shakira also punted her ex’s name in a verse, which reads, “I realized it’s not my fault they criticize you. I just make music; I’m sorry if they splatter you .”

Pique’s answer
In addition to these jabs, a snippet from Shakira’s new song “You traded a Rolex for a Casio” quotes and uses watch brands as a comparison. The verse prompted a “reply” from Piqué, who this Friday (13th) announced a partnership with the Casio brand for the 7aside soccer tournament he is organizing.

The witch is loose…
And to close this mass of bullshit between the excouple with a golden key, a witch was placed on the balcony of Shakira’s residence in Barcelona, ​​​​​​Spain.

The detail is that the prop was aimed squarely at the home of the exmotherinlaw, Piqué’s mother. And even had the soundtrack. Ironically, “Shakira Bzrp Music Sessions 53”, the newly released song with some references to the former Barça star, is set right in the Colombian diva’s house.