UN warns of risks from Covid 19

UN warns of risks from Covid 19

A new report from the largest international organization has shed more light on how the Covid-19 pandemic has created difficult conditions, particularly for vulnerable people around the world.

Millions of people already struggling to survive, often working in the informal economy of the agricultural sector and surviving below the poverty line, were facing a new set of risks they could not foresee, the document said.

The text reiterated that women in many places suffer disproportionately from existing gender biases in society, and taken together these human experiences are not just a catalog of suffering in parts of the world that often do not make headlines.

Titled Rethinking the risks in times of Covid-19, the report shows how in each of the four locations studied, a domino effect resulting from the outbreak of the disease is clearly observable, spreading far beyond the immediate impact on society pandemic itself.

The cases clearly show that the world is interconnected by systems that come with associated and volatile risks that have exposed and amplified vulnerabilities throughout society.

Various examples such as climate change, natural disasters and more recently the global aftermath of the war in Ukraine also show that the world depends on a complex, often fragile network of interdependent factors and that if destabilized it can have devastating global impacts Effects.

With Ukraine and Russia being the world’s top grain and fertilizer producers, one of the indirect effects of the conflict is seen in the rise in global food prices, which has also increased the cost of living for those who can pay for them and is squeezing those who not doing so results in greater food insecurity.

This report shows that it is time to develop a deeper understanding of systemic risks and how they trigger other threats and disruptions, often unpredictable, according to the UN.