Un Posto al Sole who is Rossella Graziani: focus on the character of Rai3 Soap

Un Posto al Sole who is Rossella Graziani: focus on the character of Rai3 Soap

Let’s find out more about the character of Rossella, protagonist of the soap opera Un Posto al Sole that will be broadcast on Rai3.

Rossella Graziani yes is earnedFor some time, his own space – getting bigger – in the plots out A place in the Sun. Appeared in Upas as a childSilvia’s daughter She is now a determined and strong-willed young womandetermined to be a great doctor.

A place in the sun: Rossella as the baby protagonist of a young career woman

Rossella is one of the historical figures out A place in the Sun. We met her as a child along with Patrizio, Vittorio, Diego and Niko, like the little ones from the first seasons of Upas. Having seen it grow and mature over the last few years and especially in the last few episodes of Soap, We find her a young career woman, determined to be a great doctor and determined to find love, the real one and the one who can give you the security you desire. That’s why he decided to give Riccardo a second chance, with whom there was a back and forth in the winter of 2022, sparked by the arrival of Virginia, Crovis’ wife. Rossella proved out be ready to face life’s difficulties – including his parents’ divorce – with great maturity and great coldness. The delicate Ross, sweet and sometimes almost naive, has given way to a determined and strong-willed woman, willing to do anything to achieve her life goals.

Un Posto al Sole: The Love of Rossella

Rossella is very mature In the years. The little one from the Graziani-Saviani family She is now a grown woman and at work, can cope the Love’s disappointments with a determined attitude. Thanks to this change Ross could close definitely his relationship with Patriziohis great love, and Begin a more mature story and challenging with Riccardo. Crovi, older than her and a structured doctor to work with, managed to break through Silvia’s daughter’s heart and – in the final episodes – convince her to do one very important step: coexistence. Ross knew how to handle courage the Problems born with the charming doctor and she even managed to develop a more or less friendly relationship with Virginia, her partner’s ex-wife, who spent several episodes trying to win her husband back and corner Rossella.
Rossella demonstrated one great strength even in the face of divorce from i his parents and to his mother’s new relationship with Giancarlo.

Un Posto al Sole, Giorgia Gianetiempo and Rossella Graziani

Giorgia Gianetiempo was born on September 24, 1996 in Salerno under the sign of weight scale. Alone, the young woman’s ambitions were immediately clear 3 years The actress was chosen to star in the popular television series A doctor in the family. Since then, Giorgia has repeatedly benefited from and participated in professional successes fiction successfully as Uncle of America, A Woman as a Friend 3, An Almost Perfect Dad, I Cesaroni, Don Matteo 6 and District of Police 10. In 2010, the Gianeti tempo arrives in the cast A place in the Sunthe beloved Neapolitan soap from Rai 3. Here the actress plays Rossella, carefree daughter of Sylvia that in the course bet grows and lives his first loves, e.g Niko and Gianlucaand tries like any teenager, always following the teachings of his mother and stepfather Michele. In 2012, the very young actress was awarded the International Lifetime Achievement Award “The Olympics of Art and Science”. there private life out Giorgia it’s as satisfying as his career. The actress is romantically linked to Luke Turcoknown on the set of A place in the Sun where he interprets Nico Pogi.

A place in the Sun is broadcast every day from Monday to Friday on Rai 3 at 20.45.