Un Posto al Sole February 15 2023 Advances Niko must

Un Posto al Sole February 15, 2023 Advances: Niko must go!

Un Posto al Sole February 15, 2023 Advances: Niko must go!

The previews of the episode of Un Posto al Sole aired on February 15, 2023 on Rai 3 show that Raffaele and Viola have to testify against Lello Valsano. Silvia, on the other hand, pushes Michele away while Riccardo Rossella shows all his love. Meanwhile, Micaela enacts a plan to erase Niko from Manuela’s mind…

In the’Consequence From A place in the Sun From Wednesday February 15, 2023, raphael And viola are subpoenaed to testify at the trial against Lello Valsano, and things could – unfortunately – take an unexpected turn. In the meantime, Sylviafor fear that he might feel something again MicheleShe decides to keep him away. Richardon the other hand, proves to hold a Scarlet fevertry to resolve the tension between him and Ornella. Help meanwhile Manuela, Michaela Come up with a plan to make her forget Nico… But let’s find out together what they reveal in detail progress of the bet that are broadcast Morning at 8:45 p.m At Rai 3.

Raffaele and Viola are called to testify in the advances of the February 15 episode

Also for Raphael and viola the time has come to testify in the trial of Lello Valsano. The man has long faced terrifying threats from the thug and other members of his clan, often witnessing firsthand how ruthless they were. The teacherInstead of this, he risked death because of him: Valsano shot her. The both are determined to nail it with her deposition…although something could go wrong.

A Place in the Sun Previews: Silvia fires Micheleā€¦

Silvia is in serious trouble. Between work and personal problems, sentimental ones also find their place in his life. Michelewho tends to focus on her he lovingly takes care of it; when on the one hand Graziani has the feeling that he cannot do without his attention, on the other hand think it’s not right accept her against Giancarlo. Hence the blonde reluctantly She decides to keep her ex-husband at bay

Micaela wants Manuela to forget Niko in the advances of the February 15 episode

Riccardo is willing to do anything to make peace with Rossella, and now he’s proving it. The doctor, to get forgiveness from his fiancee, he tries to calm the tensions that have arisen with Ornella because of his nervousness. In the meantime, Michaela, tired to see Manuela sneak like a soul in pain because of Niko, He puts a plan into action to make him forget. Will he succeed? But above all, what is he up to?

A place in the Sunthe long-running Neapolitan soap opera, airs Monday through Friday at 8:45 p.m At Rai 3.